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I love my one pan meals

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Poor NPR

Trump Picks Oklahoma Congressman To Head NASA

🖇President Trump’s pick for the next leader of NASA is a fighter pilot who wants Americans to return to the moon but doesn’t believe that humans are causing climate change.📎😯

Poor NPR…it sees climate change in everything…

Except when it happened centuries ago.

Their redistribution scheme is crashing around them. 😢😢

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Another man provoked to threaten a Senator by the out of control Democrat politicians.

Man arrested for threatening Nevada senator over healthcare

🖇 A 62-year-old man was arrested for threatening Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) over the GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare in a note that read, “ If I’m going to die….I will take you with me,” police said.

Now where would this man get the idea he was going to die🤔

Oh wait..that’s what the DEMOCRAPS are telling him. Inciting these actions, I would say…. 

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Yet CNN just reported that Comey had found that Flynn didn’t intentionally mislead about his conversation!!!! 😯😔😕😠


DO YOU WONDER WHY the media is so mistrusted??  I don’t!

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This is the kind of reporting we get from the Daily Mail 

What kind of reporter finds stating he is Christian even necessary to put in an headline ? What’s the objective here?


Above clips from the Daily Mail article…and with just a few minutes of your time, one can really find the real truth, as I have posted some things I found on the social media sites. If we are not alert to what the Left is doing to us…we will be a big fat melting pot of Nothing! 

Does any of this look like it might be “Christian” to You? And for those who have already claimed he was a Trump supporter, see below.⬇️