Who to hell cares? This is news? Do they think it wasn’t known?

Local Gay Rights Leaders, Sports Commentators React to Jason Collins Coming Out


Louisville gay rights leaders are praising veteran NBA player Jason Collins publicly announcing that he is gay, but area sports commentators say the revelation will do little to change the game.

you can read more here: http://wfpl.org/post/local-gay-rights-leaders-sports-commentators-react-jason-collins-coming-out

Isay….like who cares? What is it with the sickos in the Leftist media, that they feel compelled to broadcast to  the world who you have sex with? Does this guy really believe that no one knew he was gay…..please...give us some dam credit…Gays were not invented yesterday! Isn’t it funny that gays feel it necessary to tell us what they are? Proves that ANYONE can DECLARE they are gay…..and who can prove otherwise? So if you need a piece of real estate transferred tax free…just marry your cousin and get the tax free transfers or other tax breaks…and who can prove otherwise?


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