Is this what “social justice” is?
Twitter Flooded With New Wave of Riot Threats
Trayvon Martin supporters take to social network in greater numbers than ever before to promise unrest if Zimmerman acquitted

Paul Joseph Watson
July 12, 2013
As the jury retires to consider its verdict, threats to stage riots, looting and racial violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted continue to flood Twitter in greater numbers than ever before despite efforts by authorities to discourage unrest.

If Zimmerman walks… As a people I hope all of us African Americans RIOT! straight up. Lets wild the fuck out. WHO’S WITH ME ?!

— chilllllll blood (@DRIZZY_HIGHTIDE) July 12, 2013

Having tracked such threats for the last two weeks, it is clear that the volume of vows to stage violent disorder is now clearly at its peak as police prepare to counter flash mob violence in both Sanford and Miami.

The defense for George Zimmerman presented its closing argument this morning with the jury expected to deliver its verdict by the middle of next week. However, the rights and wrongs of the case have to a great extent been overshadowed by sustained threats by Trayvon Martin supporters to spark Rodney King-style riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

Extremist groups like the New Black Panthers have also promised to oversee a “rebellion” if Zimmerman is acquitted, warning that “If Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be unrest all over America, It will be way beyond the capacity of the NBPP.”

Some are even asking if the judge in the case, lifelong Democrat Debra Nelson, was pressured by the Obama administration to introduce the lesser charge of 3rd degree murder at the last minute in order to secure a conviction when it looked more than likely that Zimmerman would walk free. Given Nelson’s unprecedented outburst against Zimmerman and his lawyers, such claims are gaining traction.

A week ago most legal analysts were confident in predicting that the state had failed to prove its case of murder in the second degree. Was the lesser charge introduced so late in the game in order to ensure Zimmerman would not walk, thus preventing widespread disorder?

It is important to emphasize that the tweets below were collected from a single 45 minute time period before this article was written and published. As soon as I had embedded the tweets below, 30 minutes later another 150 had appeared. You can check for yourself by searching “zimmerman riot” on Twitter and selecting “all”.

For people like Time Magazine, who are claiming that it is racist to even discuss the potential of or prepare for riots, go and actually check the sheer volume of people who are making these threats. Even if 99% of them turn out to be bluffing, the potential for significant disorder cannot be ignored no matter how many times the race card is played.

They let Zimmerman go yet? I wanna riot already ! #ZimmermanTrial

— Enmanuel Tejeda (@fresh_ass_nigga) July 12, 2013

Zimmerman gets off the riot in florida gonna be bigger than when the Heat won

— jcostello (@representing315) July 12, 2013

I promise you me and my people gon RIOT! No bullshit

— Lul Stevie J ^_^ (@ItsBoraTho2x) July 12, 2013

If Zimmerman walks… As a people I hope all of us African Americans RIOT! straight up. Lets wild the fuck out. WHO’S WITH ME ?!

— chilllllll blood (@DRIZZY_HIGHTIDE) July 12, 2013

If they don’t find Zimmerman GUILTY white America better prepare themselves its real live riot supporters out here ready to get it popping

— Tee Walker (@mz_walker23) July 12, 2013

For Real if #Zimmerman isn’t found guilty we should break into stores and start a riot on some Rodney King shit.

— ???1 (@scriptsquid) July 12, 2013

If Zimmerman get off we starting a fuckin riot innis bitch!!!!

— Lul Stevie J ^_^ (@ItsBoraTho2x) July 12, 2013

Rodney King Riot pop off on anyone who looks like Zimmerman

— Jordan Orange (@LeeLeeBeMe) July 12, 2013

if Zimmerman gets off, black folks will riot….I will loot to show my support

— Coach Jackie Miles (@Jackiemiles5) July 12, 2013

If this Zimmerman guy is found innocent it’s going to be a riot in some parts of this country! Smhhhh!

— Shaya (@Shay_J3) July 12, 2013

If Zimmerman walk free, he will need a life time supply if police guards to protect him! ?????????????? it’s going to be a riot #NotUpForDebate

— ?JULY24? (@__Arionn) July 12, 2013

If Zimmerman walks away, get ready for L.A. riot part 2.

— Justin Summers (@OAF_Juss) July 12, 2013

If that faggot Zimmerman gets free we bout to have a riot. #FuckZimmerman

— Michael (@Rusedoesit_) July 12, 2013

Zimmerman win we starting a riot at DA MALL

— K Woods$$$ (@ImDa_Shotta) July 12, 2013

who wants to start a riot if Zimmerman gets off?

— Snorlax (@SharDaddy_) July 12, 2013

Can we riot in NYC if Zimmerman gets acquitted? I will need to break something.

— Bunny Themelis (@bunifah) July 12, 2013

Its riot if this nigga Zimmerman dont go to jail and Imma take advantage of it

— MoneyBags #GTD (@ItsDCbroo) July 12, 2013

Ima start a riot if Zimmerman gets away !

— ?. La cheif Keefa (@makeemscreamm) July 12, 2013

If Zimmerman get off free I’m taking a trip ta Florida & IMMA START A RIOT IMMA START A RIOT!!!

— Loyalty (@MaRRi3D2DaMaFIa) July 12, 2013

Everybody knows Zimmerman is goin to jail. If he doesn’t, Florida is going to riot & the government can’t let that happen.

— Took (@k_trapps) July 12, 2013

Im not gone go crazy if zimmerman Walk but if niggas were to riot, im not going to not participate

— #GREEDYCLIC OR STARV (@TK_Bossin) July 12, 2013


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

This article was posted: Friday, July 12, 2013 at 12:46 pm


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