Freaks on parade

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Dons Tampon Earrings To Protest Texas Abortion Bill

Some filibuster abortion bills, some march against them, and some wear tampons on their ears.

On her MSNBC show Sunday morning, Melissa Harris-Perry brought attention to Texas’ recently-passed abortion regulations—and the burnt orange-clad demonstrators who had fought their passage—in her own way: with a pair of homemade tampon earrings.

“My producer Lorena made for me last week some tampon earrings,” Harris-Perry said as she put on the jewelry. “The Texas state legislature said that you couldn’t bring tampons in, when these women were going to, in fact, stand up for their own reproductive rights.”

During a second special session of the Texas legislature, security in the Capitol building briefly banned tampons from the rotunda for fear that the feminine products would be tossed at lawmakers passing the last-minute bill. The earlier protests had been so disruptive that Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst had been unable to call a vote on the bill, resulting in an embarrassing but temporary setback for Texas Republicans, who vowed not to let demonstrators get the better of them again. But Capitol security got a bit overzealous in confiscating tampons from female protestors, a policy they quickly reversed after it garnered national attention.

“So just in case that ever happens again, ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings,” Harris-Perry said.


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