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Awesome dad defends awesome daughter’s message to Texas lawmakers

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Billy Cain thinks everyone needs to calm down about his daughter’s quippy rebuttal to Texas’ new anti-abortion law  


A 14-year-old Texan stirred a considerable amount of controversy last week with a quippy sign protesting the state’s sweeping new abortion restrictions. Tuesday Cain’s message, written on brilliant pink poster board, read: “Jesus isn’t a dick, so keep him out of my vagina.”

Soon after, an image of Tuesday and her advice to Texas lawmakers started making the rounds on Twitter, and reproductive rights opponents (and jerks on social media) wasted no time in losing their damn minds over it.

On Monday, Tuesday’s father, Billy, came to his daughter’s defense, writing for the Guardian that he was proud of Tuesday’s willingness to stand up for her convictions — and her basic human rights — by coming out to protest the law (with some serious flair):

As parents, we believe that children should be taught continually, instead of just at school. My daughter and I have been to city council meetings to watch and discuss how politics gets done in the city. We have taken our children to the Capitol repeatedly because it is important for them to understand how politics affects them personally. When Sen. Wendy Davis was stopped from filibustering, I woke my daughter up so that she could watch the proceedings on the internet. We stayed up until 3.30am watching more coverage and researched the issues together. I explained as best I could what the bill itself would mean to women in the state of Texas, as well as how it would influence politics throughout the United States if it were passed. When my wife and I decided to go to the Capitol, we welcomed her to come along…

In our family, we have discussed women’s issues since our children could understand the concept. Our education system seems to think that abstinence is the name of the game, if sex education is taught at all. This latest abortion bill shows that giving the state control of people’s bodies is something that needs to be considered carefully and debated publicly. I see a potential future for women that I do not want to participate in. The invasion of a woman’s private decisions with her doctor is the beginning of a very difficult, slippery slope to navigate. This is important to everyone, not just my family. I would like to see everyone, not just our daughter, participating in government at any level.


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