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New Ordinance Puts Strict Restrictions On Noise In Coraopolis

CORAOPOLIS (KDKA) – How do you define noise? It could be a train or maybe even a motorcycle.

All of them could be considered noise under a new ordinance in one Allegheny County town.

Coraopolis only has about 5,500 people, which normally makes it a very quiet place. They say the only exception is when the trains roll by or the big trucks rumble right down Fifth Avenue.

“I’ve been this area all my life. You got one way in and one way out. So where are the trucks going to go?” Frank Corso said.

“The only noisy thing about it is the train. Other than that and the trucks and everything else, it’s really pretty quiet,” Asha Luster said.

Under the new ordinance, residents are “entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their premises.” Loud noises can be defined as horns, radio, musical instruments, that annoy or disturb the quiet and comfort.

It also states that “yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling and singing on public streets which would disturb the quiet and comfort of residents in the vicinity is now prohibited.”

The obvious question is – how will it be enforced?

It’s a great question considering the noise could even be your dog. But, after nearly two decades in town, Sue Heckman said she’s not leaving.

“I feel safe here. It’s always quiet. You just hear traffic or the birds,” Heckman said.

Violations of the ordinance can result in a fine of up to $500.



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