Marita Noon: Please Don’t Frack

Don’t Frack Up…the Liberals would love it!

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Here’s Marita:

Here she is to explain what she means with the title above, along with her words below, taken from her article in

Pay particular attention to the mention of the Tea Party Patriots and their collaboration with renewable advocates through their Green Tea Coalition 

The link just above will take you to their Facebook offerings, but until I read of them in the article below, I had never heard of them and for now I believe it is too much of a detour around the tea parties’ core principals.  Heretofore the Tea Party Patriots taught us that renewables and government propping up of then was anathema to Conservative causes.  What gives … Any ideas? Huh, anyone?


Regular readers of my weekly column may be shocked at my suggestion: “please don’t frack.” But, bear with me. The terms “frack,” “fracking,” or “frack job” have become a part…

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