Spiders Delay 5 Flights

Spiders Delay 5 Flights At Kansas City International Airport
by JON DAVID KAHN 7 Aug 2013
OLATHE, Kan. – The FAA believes that 5 flights at Kansas City International Airport were delayed on Saturday after an infestation of spiders descended upon air traffic controllers.
Three employees were reportedly bitten last week at the Air Traffic Control Center in Olathe, which controls the air space around Kansas City. Subsequently, the air traffic controllers were evacuated and moved to another area of the building. 
Exterminators were brought in and found that a spider’s nest egg had likely hatched. 
“You’re talking in some spider cases up to 400 and in large breeds, you’re talking thousands from one mom,” CJ Workman with Schendel Pest Control said.
The FAA did not disclose what kind of spiders were behind the delay but maintained that passengers were in no danger. 


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