Tweets from the scene


  • Representatives at the Pentagon tell JJ Green this situation is not being taken lightly.
    by WTOP News 10:39 AM
  • On the Beltway, there are a major amount of police, Green says.
    by WTOP News 10:38 AM
  • People perched on edge of helicopter are spotters, searching the area, says JJ Green.
    by WTOP News 10:38 AM
  • Helicopters are still circling the scene, says WTOP’s JJ Green.
    by WTOP News 10:38 AM
  • Ambulances are moving down M Street to leave the scene, reports WTOP’s Dick Uliano.
    by WTOP News 10:37 AM
  • Helicopter is flying above WTOP Dick Uliano at the scene of the shooting.
    by WTOP News 10:36 AM
  • It is a “dynamic situation” at the Navy Yard, reports WTOP’s Dick Uliano.
    by WTOP News 10:35 AM
  • No word yet on how many victims may be at GW Hosp #WTOP

  • Police work the scene on M Street, SE in Washington near the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. The U.S. Navy says one person is injured after a shooting at a Navy building in Washington. Police and emergency crews gathered Monday morning outside the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building, where the shooting was reported. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    by WTOP News 10:24 AM
  • Police work the scene on M Street, SE in Washington, where a gunman was reported at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013. The U.S. Navy says one person is injured after a shooting at a Navy building in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    by WTOP News 10:23 AM
  • AP video of the scene from WJLA earlier this morning.

    by WTOP News 10:21 AM
  • Federal official tells @CBSNews Bob Orr that gunman neutralized; search on for potential second gunman, but second shooter not confirmed
  • Associated Press, citing Defense official: Navy Yard shooter ‘contained,’ not in custody
    by WTOP 10:19 AM
  • UPDATE: Ground stop has been lifted at Reagan National Airport
    by WTOP 10:18 AM
  • Associated Press: President Barack Obama is getting frequent briefings on a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. 

    The White House says the president had several briefings about the unfolding situation by senior aides. 

    The Navy says shots were fired Monday morning at the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, where about 3,000 people work. The Navy reports several people were injured. 

    The White House says Obama directed his team to stay in touch with the Navy, FBI and local officials.

    by WTOP News 10:18 AM
  • All Navy Yard OJAG personnel have been accounted for. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by today’s…
  • S. Capitol & the Douglas Bridge are open at this time. 11th Street Inbound CLOSED for helicopters responding to Navy Yard.
  • U.S. Navy confirms to WTOP there have been fatalities at the Washington Navy Yard. NBC is reporting 4.
    by WTOP 10:14 AM
    by WTOP News 10:13 AM
  • @DCCirculator Union Station-Navy Yard route is operating under limited service due to incident at Navy Yard
  • Due to police activity the Potomac skyland route buses will only be servicing stops between Denver street and anacostia
  • A U.S. Park Police helicopter hovered over the Navy Yard earlier today and appeared to drop a basket or a stretcher with a person onto the roof, according to the Associated Press.
    by WTOP News 10:09 AM
  • Police at the scene of the shooting at the Navy Yard. (WTOP/Brennan Haselton)

    by WTOP News 10:07 AM
  • UPDATE: D.C. police confirm at least 10 victims in Washington Navy Yard shooting
    by WTOP 10:06 AM
  • DC police confirm there are at least 10 shooting victims.
    by WTOP News 10:06 AM
  • A source told WTOP’s JJ Green that the shooting took place on fourth floor of Building 197 Washington Navy Yard.
    by WTOP News 10:04 AM
  • Confirmed: Bolling Air Force Base CLOSED. No one being allowed in. Andrews and Myer Henderson Hall are OPEN following shooting at Navy Yard.
  • CBS News’ Cami McCormick reports suspect at Navy Yard is described as having multiple weapons.
    by WTOP 10:01 AM
  • Metro Spokesperson Dan Stessel on the implications of the shooting on Metro.

    by WTOP News 10:01 AM
  • WTOP’s JJ Green reports from the scene of the shooting.

    by WTOP News 9:59 AM
  • D.C. police confirm to WTOP there are at least 5 victims; there are reports elsewhere of 7 at Washington Navy Yard
    by WTOP 9:58 AM
  • WTOP’s JJ Green is at the scene. Tune in to WTOP to hear his latest reports.
    by WTOP News 9:56 AM
  • UPDATE: Ground stop at Reagan National Airport is for departures
    by WTOP 9:52 AM
  • DCRA & OTR on 4th & M as well as parking garages are on lockdown as a result of Navy Yard activiity.
    by Chris 9:51 AM
  • Another ambulance just responded to the scene, Dick Uliano reports. Several ambulances have already responded.
    by WTOP News 9:50 AM
  • There are “bewildered employees” trying to get to work still, unaware of the threat, reports WTOP’s Dick Uliano.
    by WTOP News 9:50 AM
  • WTOP’s Dick Uliano says there is an enormous police response. Helicopter circling above.
    by WTOP News 9:49 AM
  • #BREAKING : #USNavy confirms several injuried in #NavyYardShooting . More information to follow.
  • Check out a map of the Navy Yard here.
    by WTOP News 9:39 AM
  • A ground stop is in effect at Reagan National Airport due to the incident at the Washington Navy Yard.
    by WTOP 9:38 AM
  • WTOP’s Dick Uliano reports that the gunman is still at large.
    by WTOP News 9:37 AM
  • M and 3rd St. SE is the closest people can get to the scene, says WTOP’s Dick Uliano.

    by WTOP News 9:37 AM
  • WTOP’s Dick Uliano is on the scene. Tune in to WTOP for his report.
    by WTOP News 9:36 AM
  • Dan Stessel of Metro: Buses running slow in the area.
    by WTOP News 9:33 AM
  • Capitol Police: No threat to the Capitol complex from shooting incident in Navy Yard
  • Navy Yard’s metro station is OPEN. Green line is running fine, according to Metro spokesperson.
    by WTOP News 9:32 AM
  • Chopper has landed on the 11th Street Bridge; Bridge CLOSED to get police into activity at the Navy Yard. Updates on @ABC7News right now.
  • A helicopter is landing on the 11th Street Bridge and the bridge is closing. Expect major delays in the area.
    by WTOP News 9:31 AM

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